While this is standard fare in bare roller configuration, remember Woody’s Hot Rodz is a full service rod shop and they are more than happy to add custom features like driveshaft loops or different motor mounts to your chassis. Looking to put a 409 underhood? No problem, and they can even provide a complete body and chassis package in virtually any state of completion.

Of course this chassis is designed for the enthusiast looking for the all-out gasser treatment, but remember, every gasser in the ’60s didn’t run a straight-axle, nor does every hot rodder today want the somewhat radical approach of driving a straight-axle car long distances.

This fact was not lost on Woody’s Hot Rodz, so in addition to the Full Wood straight-axle frame they designed and built a hot rod chassis for the Tri-Five Chevrolet that would incorporate plenty of room for gasser goodies like wheelwell headers, but with a more conventional A-arm suspension borrowed from a first-generation Camaro. This is the Hot Wood chassis and what makes this chassis so cool is the fact that all the suspension parts are from a first-generation Camaro. The stamped-steel control arms, steering box, and spindles are all sourced from the Camaro, so parts are readily available. Combine all this great design with unrivaled fabrication that includes TIG-welded mounts and you have a cruising chassis that provides a much improved ride over the stock Tri-Five suspension. And, much like the Full Wood frame, this new chassis makes it possible to build a brand-new ’57 Chevrolet from the ground up.

The chassis was also designed to accept big- or small-block Chevrolet motors, and if you use the Woody’s Hot Rodz motor mounts both small- and big-block headers, designed for the first-generation Camaro, and that includes both long- and short-tube headers. Any original body, including station wagons and convertibles, will bolt on the chassis with no modifications required, and of course the all-new Real Deal Steel bodies also drop right in place, and yes the stock gas tank works just fine on this frame.

When we spoke with Chris Sondles, owner of Woody’s Hot Rodz, it was obvious he is a huge fan of bringing back the hot rod Chevrolets. While the body and frame is a giant step in that direction, Sondles is busy developing even more parts that will give your Tri-Five Chevrolet that real hot rod look.

Yes, the reproduction ’55-57 Chevrolet steel body and frame is here, with the ’56 Chevrolet slated for early 2012. By the spring of 2012 we look forward to a stream of hot rod Chevys rolling out of garages again, just like they did in the ’60s, solid lifter cams rattling under dual quads with stacks protruding through the hood. It’s all great gasser stuff, and while you might never be able to be a kid again, building a real gasser will let you act like one.