With everything available to build a brand-new car, Drake makes the point that this is a great opportunity to build a ’40 as a second car. “The ’40 Ford coupe’s pure classic styling and all-weather driveability make it a perfect investment for practical, year-round family fun, or just driving to work,” Drake says. We agree; driving one of these every day would be a lot more fun than anything else we can think of. By combining the ’40s classic looks with modern chassis components and convenience accessories you’d have the best of old and new.

To see what it takes to build a reproduction ’40 stay with us as we build next year’s AMSOIL/Street Rodder Road Tour with a new Drake coupe.


Bob Drake’s new reproduction ’40 Ford body has been displayed at a variety of street rod events. Here are the questions the Drake staff are asked most often:

Street Rodder: What gauge metal is the body? Bob Drake: 19 gauge

SR: How much is the body, and what is included in this price?

BD: Our introductory price is $14,500. This includes the complete body shell, full floor, choice of firewall (stock or 5-inch recess), cowl, roof with rain gutters, quarter-panels, hinged doors and decklid, and all the inner structure and bracing, all assembled and welded in place.

SR: What frame do you recommend?

BD: We built our bodies to fit on original Ford frames. There are quality aftermarket frames available, but we have not tested them yet.

SR: How are the rain gutters attached?

BD: Just like the original ’40, sandwiched and spot-welded between the quarter-panel flanges and the roof flange.

SR: Is everything available aftermarket to complete the car?

BD: The only major sheetmetal piece left to complete the car is the hood. We have patterned the deluxe hood first and it will be in production soon, then we will begin the work on the standard hood.

SR: How do I title my car?

BD: Each state has laws concerning titles and registrations. You will have to check with your local DMV to file the appropriate paperwork.

SR: Are there sheetmetal pieces available to repair the coupe I already have?

BD: Yes, we make a full line of repair panels that are identical to the originals. Everything from floors to quarters to firewalls, you have all the correct shape and thickness to repair the coupe.

The .01 percent answer

The left-hand door has been fitted with a lock cylinder mount, which the originals lacked. This way you can lock the door from the outside without having to use the inside handle and slide out the passenger side.

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