If a sensor or other component in the EPS system fails, the self diagnostics will detect the fault, set a code, and disable the power assist. A warning light will illuminate to alert the driver, and the driver will notice an increase in steering effort when turning the vehicle. The vehicle will still be safe to drive; actually the steering will be as it was before the Electra-Steer unit was installed. In addition, as a safety feature, the Electra-Steer unit is designed to “shut down” if it becomes overheated, reverting to the vehicle’s original steering capabilities. The chances of the unit overheating are very slim; Unisteer Performance Products had to spend 45 minutes doing figure-eight turns to develop enough heat to force the unit to shut down.

We selected a retrofit kit to install in our Speedway Motors Hot Rod steering column. The EPS module requires 8 inches of radial clearance from the steering column center. Once we determined the optimum location of the EPS unit, we removed 5-3/8 inches from our steering column in that area. We then removed 8 inches from the steering shaft in the same area. Remember “measure twice, cut once.”

Before reassembling we had flats machined on each side of each end of the cut steering shaft to form the Double D, which would slip into our Double D connectors on the EPS unit. Speedway Motors can supply Double D shafts in any length if machining is out of the picture. We could have selected the weld-on connectors, but in the steering system we personally feel more comfortable with mechanical connections, such as Double D and splined connections. If you chose weld-on connectors, and are not a certified welder, find one, for your safety as well as your fellow motorist; this is your steering.

With the shafts mounted in each end of the EPS unit, we drilled three equally spaced holes in the ends of the steering column sections that would connect to the steering unit. The steering column sections (upper and lower) were then installed on the EPS unit.

The completed steering column was reinstalled, the wiring was run, and the EPS module was connected per the instructions, and we were in business.

If you are in the process of building your street rod, or if you do not have power steering in your existing street rod, the Electra-Steer unit is your ticket to a fast and easy way to add power steering to your ride. If you have hydraulic power steering, Electra-Steer is the answer to eliminating the hydraulic pump, hydraulic hoses, drive belts, power steering fluid, etc.

Our ’32 Ford highboy was fairly easy to steer with the non-power steering Unisteer Performance Products rack steering previously installed. Now, with Electra-Steer, it is far easier to turn the wheels when sitting still—making us look cool when we palm our steering wheel when backing into our parking spot at the local cruise in.

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