The Products in Sequence

1. 3M Perfect-it Rubbing Compound (PN 06085) on a white wool pad: Removes 1,200-grit and finer sanding scratches.

2. 3M Finesse Polishing Glaze (PN 05928) on a yellow wool polishing pad: The final step in machine buffing paint, leaves a flawless, wet-look finish by removing all traces of swirls and fine imperfections from the yellow pad.

3. Perfect-it Machine Polish (PN 06064) on a black waffle pad: Quickly and effectively removes compound swirls (PN 06064) with a black waffle.

4. 3M Perfect-it Ultra-Fine Machine Polish (PN 06068) on a blue waffle pad: Removes fine swirl marks with a blue waffle.

5. Meguiar’s Cleaner Wax No. 6 applied by hand with wax applicator and microfiber cloth: Cleans and protects that new paintjob.

Ten Tips for Buffing Paint

1. Work slowly on one panel or area at a time. Patience is a virtue. Remember you’re not trying to finish as fast as you can; you’re trying to finish the best you can.

2. Be careful sanding around raised portions like body beads; these areas tend to require the least amount of sanding.

3. If you’re not experienced buffing paint consider taping all door and hood edges with painter’s tape before buffing. This will prevent burning through the paint on edges and act as a reminder to pay attention.

4. Keep all materials separate, do not let the different compounds, glazes, and waxes cross contaminate. Using the same rag for two compounds is like “double dipping” in the chip dip; it’s just wrong.

5. Work in bright light that shows all the flaws, color-sanding paint in a dark room makes your paint look better than it really is.

6. It may pay to complete one panel to the final finish and then do the rest of the car. This finished panel will serve as inspiration and will prove that your sequence will provide the desired results.

7. Change your sandpaper frequently. Dull sandpaper doesn’t cut and while the finer the grit the more difficult it is to determine when the paper is dull. When in doubt, toss it out.

8. Dry the panel often. Sand, then wipe it dry, then sand some more. Using a small rubber squeegee makes this a simple process. Only when the paint is dry can you see if you have a uniform cut.

9. Clean or change buffing pads frequently. If your wool or foam pad has material built up it will polish the paint differently in different sections of the pad. It’s always a good idea to have two of each pad.

10. After the glaze comes the gaze. Sit back in the garage and gaze at that gorgeous finish. Suddenly those 80 hours of work are all worthwhile.

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