We take the time to keep our hot rods clean. We use copious amounts of wax and all manners of cleaning products to make our hot rods shine. We take the time to place a car cover over our parked cars. So, why not take the time and use the safest of all fender covers when working on the engine compartment?

California Car Cover now offers Plushweave fender covers. The material is the same flannel-lined, 100 percent cotton found in the California Car Cover Plushweave car covers that have been around for decades. The ultra-dense construction provides a cushioning barrier between you (belt, buckle, and pants rivets) and your vehicle's paint. There are two magnets tucked away in two (one each) padded corner pockets that hold the cover in place. Along the side are individual hand tool pockets that will hold varying tools.

When using a Plushweave fender cover it worked as advertised; easy on the paint, held an ample amount of immediately needed tools, conformed to the shape of the fender, and can be washed should it become dirty. Since it is made from cotton it folds up quickly and compactly and can be stashed under a seat, in a trunk, or any number of places a typical vinyl or rubberized fender cover wouldn't go.

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