Full Sweep Electric

The obvious advantage to these gauges is the easy-to-read 270-degree movement, but there is a considerable amount of technology hidden inside. Auto Meter’s full sweep electric gauges use stepper motor drives controlled by a micro-processor and very precise senders.

A stepper motor is a device with a shaft that moves a precise number of degrees based on electrical input. When used in an instrument the indicator needle is attached to the shaft, then based on information from the sender, the micro-processor updates input to the motor and the needle deflects accordingly.


These LED illuminated gauges use microprocessors to control the displays. Very precise with a high-tech look, these gauges are for those who want exact numeric readings.


There are three types of speedometers: cable drive, electronic, and the latest GPS driven.

A big disadvantage to cable drives is calibrating the speedometer can be difficult, not to mention the fact that most contemporary transmissions don’t have the drive to operate them. Electronic speedometers are easy to dial in and can be adapted to early transmission. The most common complaint is that the odometers usually have digital readouts, which some feel are out of place in a traditional car.

Auto Meter now offers their Universal GPS Speedometer Interface Module (PN 5289). This unit allows nearly any electric speedometer to use free GPS signals to drive the speedo. For Auto Meter speedometers, installation is a plug-and-play. Calibration, with non–Auto Meter speedometers, is simple and doesn’t require driving.

Gauge Installation Tips

Installing mechanical gauges is simple enough. The important factors are using the proper fittings and tubing and routing lines safely to prevent damage of any kinks. When using rigid tubing a vibration loop may prevent cracking.

When it comes to electrical instruments the most common problems are proper grounding and poor connections. Poor connections will add to the resistance in the circuit, which may result in erroneous gauge readings. Grounding-type sensors should never be wrapped in Teflon tape for the same reason (paste that won’t interfere with grounding should be used).

Another sure way to ensure an electric gauge won’t function correctly is to use the wrong sender. The gauge and sender must be compatible to provide accurate readings.

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