Hot rodders are natural born metalworkers, or so we fancy ourselves. Its both rewarding and will yield noticeable changes to our projects. But, as with any do-it-yourself project it takes time to perfect the required skill. Of course, the right tool goes a long way toward making all of us a little bit better.

Eastwood now offers a 12-inch Slip Roll that works on sheetmetal and wire to create bends, cones, and cylinders. This general fabrication tool helps recreate a variety of parts, including rocker panels, doorskins, and any other sheetmetal requiring a rolled bend. Although the Eastwood Slip Roll is referred to as a 12-inch model it works with a maximum of up to 12-inch roll length and will produce a minimum of a 1-1/2-inch roll diameter. It will handle up to 20-gauge steel and 17-gauge aluminum thickness. The Slip Roll is also equipped to allow you to roll solid wire into bends in one of three sizes: 5/64, 1/8, and 5/32 inch. (Look to one end of the bottom roller and you will see three varying size grooves that allow the solid wire to pass through while the top roller helps curve to the desired bend.)

To make a smaller radius on your metal when creating an arc you will want to adjust the rear roller knob, which in turn will raise this roller. Always turn the crank away from you.

To maintain your slip roll when not in use remember to clean the three rollers with lacquer thinner or Eastwood’s PRE to remove dirt and grease. Also, use wheel bearing grease (or similar) and grease the Zerk fittings.

Eastwoods Versa-Bend 20-inch offset sheetmetal brake

The Eastwood Versa-Bend Sheetmetal Brake is another ideally suited tool for the home workshop. It will bend sheetmetal up to 100 degrees and will work with 20-gauge steel or aluminum panels that are up to 20 inches wide, or 18-gauge steel or aluminum up to 10 inches wide.

It can be used via a 6-inch or larger vice or it can be bolted to large C-clamps and can be used to hold it in position on a workbench. There is a vice mount tab and a pair of bench mount brackets supplied with the Versa-Bend.

Straight bends or offset jogged bends up to 90 degrees can be achieved with this portable sheetmetal brake.

Three-Piece Aviation Tin Snip Set

Anytime hot rodders hear the word “aviation”, our ears and our senses perk up; aviation is where all the cool stuff (tools) come from, or so we have thought for years. But it’s somewhat true that the aviation industry has given birth to any number of tools that have become part of our daily life. And the aviation tin snip is just such a tool.

Well aware of metalworking tools, Eastwood offers a collection of Aviation Tin Snips and one particular set (left-cut, right-cut, straight-cut) is ideally suited for hot rodders. The Eastwood Aviation Tin Snips are drop-forged from chrome molybdenum alloy steel with induction-hardened cutting edges, utilizing compound leverage to easily cut sheetmetal. These snips offer superior cutting performance to cut up to 18-gauge cold-rolled steel or 22-gauge stainless steel.

Additional features to help keep you safe include serrated cutting edges that provide a stable bite to prevent slipping, comfortable slip-resistant grips that offer better control, and the hand-release safety auto latch.

The heavy-duty three-piece Aviation Tin Snip Set from Eastwood uses jaws made of carefully heat-treated drop-forged steel to last even through heavy-duty use. The spring-loaded handle adds to the ease of use along with the color-coded cushion grips.

Eastwood Tech Tip

In a salvage yard, trying to remove a part, and don’t have the right size wrench to remove a nut? If you do not need the hardware, a sharp chisel and hammer can usually get it off. Try by chiseling on the end of the flats to spin the nut loose. It that doesn’t work, you can always chisel through and split the nut. The Eastwood Company
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