Seam Filler

The first step at Woody's Hot Rodz was to prep the metal prior to the application of the 3M Platinum filler. These steps required grinding and prepping the metal surface to accept the filler.

There are a number of 3M products but for our purposes Woody's selected a self-leveling, flowable glaze (creamy) body filler, Platinum Plus. (Today most major car and truck makes have been constructed of double-sided galvanized steel, or in some cases aluminum. These specialized metals require products that have a built-in adhesion promoter that "bites" into the surface.) The Platinum Plus will adhere to almost any surface, galvanized steel, E-coat, metal, aluminum, fiberglass, SMC, cured epoxy, urethane primers, and cured or aged paint. What makes this product also very appealing to hot rodders is its curing time; sandable in just 15 minutes, and is compatible with most basecoat/clearcoat and waterborne paint systems.

1. PPG Acryli-Clean DX330 is used to pre-clean surfaces before and after sanding seams when prepping for filler.

2. James Reedy uses a grinder with a 36-grit Norta Disc clean out the seams and remove the weld through primer, creating a better filler adhesion through a rougher surface.

3. Again Reedy, using a DA with 80-grit to feather the outer edges from section that was ground down with an air grinder.

4. Use PPG DX330 cleaner to remove dust and degrease oil that might have splattered from the air tools.

5. U-Pol Fibral Lite forms a hard durable surface, however its short strand formulation enables it to be easily applied and sanded; can be topcoated with putty or directly topcoated with paint.

6. Apply U-Pol to the seam, pressing and filling in the seam evenly and let it set about 15 minutes. Will flex and then you can degrease and abrade with 80-grit paper.

7. Using the sanding blocks, smooth the filler until the surface is smooth and even. Degrease and sand with 180-grit when fully cured.

8. 3M Platinum filler is a stain-free, tack-free, super premium lightweight filler that offers adhesion to steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, E-Coat, and SMC. The smooth, creamy texture of Platinum filler makes it easy to apply and a breeze to sand.

9. Use an angle grinder with burr tool to get into the deeper seams to smooth and prep. Prep the remaining surface in the same manner as earlier.

10. Prepping the driprail: scuff with red Scotch-Brite and clean with PPG DX330.

11. Tape off the ends of the driprails to hold the self-leveling sealer.

12. Evercoat Maxium self-leveling seam sealer used to seal the driprail.

13. Prior to spraying the final sealer, scuff surfaces with Scotch-Brite and to speed things up use a DA.

14. Apply sealer to the interior and allow to dry.

15. Using a DA, scuff all the body surfaces to be sealed and clean with DX330 prior to sealing.

16. Once the body is masked thoroughly, apply sealer and allow to dry.


The following times have been determined with ambient air temperature and substrate temperature at 77 degrees F (25 degrees C) and are considered typical values.

Shape and Sand Time 8 to 12 minutes when mixed, with 2 percent hardener by weight at 77 degrees F (25 degrees C).

Finish Sand Time, 20 minutes when mixed with 2 percent hardener by weight at 77 degrees F (25 degrees C).

Recommended application temperature: above 45 degrees F (7 degrees C)

Service temperature: minimum -20 degrees F (-29 degrees C); maximum 180 degrees F (82 degrees C)

Minimum hardener: 1.5 percent

Maximum hardener: 2.75 percent

Follow along and you can decide for yourself what best suits your talents, time, and desires.

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