All of us at one time or another find ourselves cursing the dark—well no more as Snap-on offers an assortment of handy garage lights, and one in particular is both handy and affordable.

The latest portable light source from Snap-on is the LED Hybrid Light that features 16 LEDs, is portable, battery-powered, and affordable (PN 92421, $9.99), and available by calling the Snap-on phone number (800-255-7011).

Powered by three AAA batteries, the hybrid light functions not only as a head beam flashlight, but its body projects 360-degree illumination as well from its water-resistant tubular case that features a magnetic base so that it can be attached to underhood or undercar metal.

In our experience with this light we would have liked having the based equipped with a more "powerful" magnet. Other Snap-on magnetic base lights have a noticeable "gripping" power that makes them ideal when working under the hood or under the car. This hybrid light gives off ample amount of light from the beam head and from the body but we would have been even more desirable with a stronger magnetic base. Still, a handy glovebox accessory or bench top light to have around when more light is better.