You are getting the first look. Hot rodders and spectators alike aren’t allowed into the new products section at this year’s NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville until Friday afternoon. But we snuck in—well, we were invited and were able to grab these photos for all of us to enjoy.

We have a sampling of six products that many rodders will find just what they needed for their current project.

Retro Tach from Classic Instruments gives all of us hot rodders the vintage look we want coupled with the benefits of modern electronic movement. But there’s more; unique color-changing Rocket “boosters” serve as the engine revs. Very cool.

Bob Drake Reproductions offers the ’32-36 Ford Flathead “torpedo” water pumps. Another problem solved for vintage Flathead owners.

Alan Johnson Hot Rods brought out their new scooped and scalloped vintage brake drum (polished or as-cast) that houses a modern disc brake assembly.

Fresh from Vintage Air is there new small-block Ford compressor and power steering brackets that fit low and tight on the driver side cylinder head. Ford or GM Saginaw power steering pump and Sanden 508 compressor will work with bracket.

From American Powertrain is their new X-Factor universal “stretch” hot rod transmission crossmember. It will work from a minimum of 26 inches to a max of 32 inches between the framerails. It provides a wide range of fitment possibilities.

New from Eight Stack is their Ford Coyote V-8 electronic fuel injection system that gives vintage looks coupled with modern performance.