Keeping Pace

Pace combined the eight-stack fuel-injection system and mounted it to a Chevrolet Performance ZZ383 and then added a FAST EZ-EFI ECU and harness. The dyno results where 430 hp at 5,200 rpm and 475 ft-lb of torque at 4,300 rpm. More surprising was the tight air/fuel ratio reading, which stayed between 13.3 and 13.6 throughout multiple pulls on the dyno. During pull number 2, the FAST system started learning and making self-adjustments that further enhanced the engine’s performance. Pace plumbs the injection system with the new TechAFX premium fuel-injection hose and fittings. Each ZZ383 engine is dyno tested to ensure proper engine break-in and trouble-free installation.

The motor comes with a General Motors limited two-year/50,000-mile parts and labor warranty. Order PN GMP-12498772-8STK ZZ383 engine with eight-stack EFI ($11,249.95)

Pace Performance

Plug and Charge

Ron Francis Wiring now makes a clean, internal fan look of a Ford 3G alternator but have earlier Ford 2G wiring a simple project. Or perhaps your power-hungry accessories are more than your Chevy 10 ci can handle. Or maybe you just need to rewire the alternator circuit only.

These alternator wiring kits are available for all popular GM and Ford alternators, including 2G through 6G units. They come complete for easy plug-and-play installation including either six- or eight-gauge charge wire (depending on unit style), any adapters needed, and quality GXL insulation for added heat protection and peace of mind.

Ron Francis Wiring
(610) 485-1981

Combo Play

Wilwood’s combination proportioning valve simplifies mounting, plumbing, wiring, and brake proportioning adjustments. The combination block maintains full isolation between front and rear fluid circuits and can be used in conjunction with any tandem outlet or dual-mount master cylinder assemblies. The rear circuit has a single inlet and single outlet with the adjustable proportioning valve. The front circuit has a single inlet with two outlets. The combination proportioning valve (PN 260-11179) can be run as a single outlet with one outlet plugged, or used to split the plumbing on its way to the front calipers. The brake light switch is immediately activated by pressure in the front circuit. The sturdy forged body incorporates two 5/16-inch through holes for secure mounting to the frame or a reinforced chassis brace.

(805) 388-1188

Fresh Look

Woody’s Hot Rodz has introduced the latest addition to the Tri Five line of brand-new sheetmetal with the 1957 sedan now available from Real Deal Steel. As the premier dealer for Real Deal Steel bodies for the past two years, Woody’s has been able to announce many firsts; Woody’s has sold the first ‘57 convertible, first ‘56 convertible, first ‘55 convertible, first ‘55 sedan, first ‘57 hardtop, first ‘55 hardtop, and now the first all-new steel ‘57 sedan.

Thanks to Real Deal Steel, Woody’s now offers these new steel bodies complete from fenders to fins for $19,700.  Woody’s handles the final panel skinning and fitment on all of the bodies that they sell in their new location in Southest Indiana, while the body skeletons are assembled at Real Deal Steel in Sanford, Florida.

Woody’s Hot Rodz
(855) 567-1957

Stop and Drop

Fatman Fabrications has introduced spindles that will handle better brakes and a 2-1/2-inch drop while retaining their stock GM front suspension. Outer tie rod and upper ball joint adaptors are supplied so that this spindle bolts directly to the stock Pontiac control arms. A special outer tie-rod end arrangement is included so that bumpsteer is prevented. GM 12-inch-diameter disc brake rotors are used with either a 5- or 4.75-inch bolt pattern make it easy to match stock GM rear axle bolt patterns.

Fatman Fabrications
(704) 545-0369

Choke on This, No Really

Holley’s Ultra Double Pumpers are available with a manual choke, feature all aluminum construction, and are equipped with metering blocks and a base plate made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. These carburetors come with a tumble-polished aluminum body with three anodized color options (red, blue, or black) for the base plate and metering blocks. They are also available in the popular Hardcore Gray hard-coat anodized finish.

They have an enhanced fuel curve for optimum performance and aluminum construction, anodized billet aluminum metering blocks and base plate, four-corner idle, mechanical secondaries, clear fuel level sight plugs, Ford automatic transmission kickdown for use on popular Ford transmissions, four vacuum ports, and a manual choke for easy, fast cold startups.

Holley Performance Products

Faux Kinmonts

Johnson Kinmonts are modeled after the original Kinmont Safety Stop brakes of the ’40s. This modern disc brake version uses 11-inch vented rotors, four-piston calipers, and comes complete with all proper dust and weather seals (for zero maintenance). Unlike other similar kits, Johnson Kinmonts has easy access to bleed the brake system. The aluminum hubs are available in all bolt patterns from 5-on-4.5 to 5-on-5.5, and the assembly will bolt on reproduction and early Ford round-back spindles ’37-40. All parts are cast/machined in the United States. Cost: $2,300 in natural-cast finish.

Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop
(256) 492-5989

Very Slick

Radir Wheels offers their Dragster slicks (not recaps!) and grooved cheater slicks in a one-piece design with the 7-inch tires featuring a checkered flag tread while the 8s and 10s do not. The tires also come in four-ply sidewall, tubeless, and with 2.25-inch-wide whitewall and the distinctive “pie crust” ribbed sidewalls. Eight sizes are available from 7.75x14 through 12.00x16, with the most popular sizes in between.

Radir Wheels
(866) 334-3470

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