The View
Auto Meter introduced their Nostalgia Series Five Gauge Mount for the Tri-Five Chevy (PN 2207). This replacement instrument mounting solution for the original speedometer opening allows fitment of your choice of a 3-3/8-inch speedometer, tach, or tach/speedo combo and four additional 2-1/16-inch gauges.

Specifically engineered brackets and replacement trim ensure direct-fit mounting points to the dash structure and perfect gauge orientation. Specially designed black faceplate hides integrated LED turn signal and high-beam indicators until they're in use for a subtle appearance, retaining functionality without the need to drill holes. The finished result has all the appearances of a factory-installed option. Pricing starts under $200. Auto Meter gauges and optional black or silver carbon-fiber–looking faceplates sold separately.

Auto Meter
(866) 248-6356

Brace for This
From EMS Automotive is the latest in sheetmetal components in the 1957-58 Ford front trunk floor brace, located behind the rear wheel tub on the far left and right side of the trunk floor.

Similar to a floor brace in the passenger compartment, this is the forward mounting point for the trunk area—made from 16-gauge steel and die-stamped in the United States. This part will fit both the Series 300 (PN 192) and 500 (PN 193), and both the two- and four-door sedan, hardtop, and convertible. (Inquire about retractable applications.)

EMS Automotive
(216) 541-4585

Crimped Feeling
PerTronix offers a wire terminal crimping tool for automotive use. This new set features an ambidextrous, ergonomic, non-slip rubber grip for comfort and ease of use. According to PerTronix the unique thing about this crimper set is the quick-release interchangeable die set. Unlike most crimpers, no tools are required to change the die sets. The included five different sets of dies will handle the most common automotive terminals, including insulated, non-insulated terminals, D-sub terminals, open-barrel terminals, and spark plug wire terminals.

The rugged carbon steel tool body is finished in corrosion-resistant black oxide and the hardened die sets are zinc-plated chromoly. The ratcheting action provides for a precise uniform crimp every time and is adjustable. The entire kit comes in a blow molded plastic case for storage and to keep the dies and tool safe and together.

PerTronix Performance Products
(909) 599-5955

New Look
Introducing the dynamic and stunning new five-spoke race wheel from Boze Forged. This unique design is highlighted by shadow spokes, with a defined ridge that blends the cap to the rim barrel. This fresh new style may be accented by a wide selection of ceramic colors and other finish options are available. Each Race wheel is custom built to the customer's request and personal taste, in sizes ranging from 17 to 22 inches for performance vehicles.

Boze Forged
(866) 634-4626

Smart Wiring
No fuses, relays, or flasher cans. Smart Wiring just released the Pro Signal power distribution system (base price: $378.95, 12 circuits). Fuse panels and traditional fuses have been replaced with solid-state modules. The control module is mounted under the dash and connects to the dash switches, indicators, and steering column controls. Unlike old-style fuse panels only three wires exit from under the dash, carrying power and module communications. Power handling modules are located at the front and back, distributing power to the accessories. This simple design greatly reduces install time. Expansion modules are available.

Smart Wiring
(540) 929-0044

Hot Topic
Automotion Hot Rod Carbs now offers their own line of premium carburetor heat insulator shields and spacers for all popular makes and models of automotive two-barrel carburetors (with four and one barrel applications to follow).

Because of the extremely low evaporation and boiling point temperatures of today's numerous gasoline blends, carburetor users are experiencing many problems related to fuel evaporation, fuel vapor lock, fuel percolation, hard starting, and intake manifold staining. To help alleviate these poor performance and aesthetics conditions, carburetors now need to be insulated from the engine heat and thermal transfer that they experience during normal driving and engine cooldown (this is called heat sink).

Automotion has minimized these heat sink issues by using a proprietary patented material and the shields and spacers are black in color for an OEM appearance. Each shield or spacer is only 1/4-inch thick for applications with limited hood clearance. Each are designed to be used individually or in stacked configurations for even greater insulating properties.

The material is also able to withstand normal wrench tightening of the carburetor hold-down nuts and studs without any concern of crushing the insulator.

Automotion Hot Rod Carbs
(406) 453-5395

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