Working on your current project, or next project, can be as simple or complex a job as you wish to make it. However, there comes a time when you want something special and you want to have this choice and influence the build from the very beginning through to the very end.

Building your next project isn't always as simple as finding a piece of tin. Sometimes what you want to do requires literally starting from the ground up. There are times that the budget and time you have to work with will dictate that you forego the time and money looking for old tin and begin anew. Well, new if new tin exists?

On the following pages are a handful of excellent examples of vintage tin made new. Yes, fresh sheetmetal that in some cases can be customized to suit your needs, such as a chopped or stock top, cowl vent or no cowl vent, fendered or non-fendered application. The beauty of any fresh sheetmetal is the time and money it will save on the backend during the body and paint process. Clearly one of if not the single most expensive aspect of any ground-up build is the body- and paintwork. The added advantage of the fresh sheetmetal will also become evident when it comes time to do any custom touches of metalwork. It's always easier to work with fresh metal rather than rusty and fatigued tin.

It should also be noted that much of what is shown on the following pages can be purchased in individual pieces should you need a new doorskin or maybe an entire door, cowl, decklid, or quarter-panel. There is much to be said to the advantage of having fresh sheetmetal for our projects that were originally built well over half a century ago.

Give a look and see if this doesn't spark you onto a new project.

American Speed Company
(734) 451-1141

The multi award winning Speed33 all-steel body of Michigan-based American Speed Company is a rod like few others. The Speed33 features a number of innovative hot rod features, including the first modern, fully integrated convertible top in a '33, the first full substructural design for maximum body rigidity, and is conducive to traditional hot rod appeal in both fenderless and full-fendered configurations. Other distinctive features include power door glass windows, and a polished stainless curved windshield assembly. The all-steel convertible has a larger passenger cabin over the stock original version and can be mounted on any original 1933-34 chassis. Our company's latest line of off-the-shelf components now includes grilles, IP clusters, and interior trim kits, among other components. American Speed's turnkey builds feature classic hot rod looks, yet provide the reliability and convenience of everyday modern vehicles. Prior to the start of your project, look up American Speed. The Shop is Open.

Dearborn Deuce
(860) 669-3232

The Dearborn Deuce convertible was awarded Best New Product at SEMA in 2004. The stylized 1932 roadster body was redesigned around a fully disappearing convertible top and a larger cockpit. It also has more legroom and will fit on any chassis built to stock dimensions. The Dearborn Deuce body, built in Detroit, comes complete with a convertible top fully finished, power windows installed, polished stainless windshield and stanchions, floor, firewall, dash, transmission cover, and complete weatherseal kit.

Traditional styling with the modern convenience of side glass and a convertible top that goes up in 14 seconds when there's a sudden change in weather.

JW Rod Garage
(888) 414-8787

JW Rod Garage's unique steel reinforced composite fiberglass bodies set them apart from the rest of the competition. The second inner layer of finished fiberglass that forms the interior panels are the difference between these bodies and others offered on the market. JW Rod Garage makes all bodies and body components in-house in Wisconsin. JW Rod Garage is pleased to offer a 1932 three-window, 1932 roadster, 1933 three-window, 1931 Victoria, and a 1933-34 Dodge truck cab. Call for a free catalog.

Premier Street Rods
(800) 447-5000

Premier Street Rods' 1947-53 Chevrolet truck bodies are carefully and expertly assembled right here in the USA at their plant in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, with 100 percent real steel. Their bodies are built with 25 percent more high-strength spot welds than the original, and assembled using corrosion-resistant, high-strength, high-tension steel for a rigid structure. At Premier Street Rods, they build trucks for themselves so they know how difficult the process can be. Their goal is to do everything they can to make building your dream ride a more enjoyable and less costly experience!

United Pacific Industries
(866) 327-5288

Steel 1932 Ford five-window coupe body shells are now available from United Pacific Industries! These Officially Ford Licensed reproduction bodies are built with quality and authenticity in mind. Beginning with steel of equal or greater thickness as original, each panel is stamped on handcrafted permanent steel dies to ensure every detail is preserved. These completely assembled bodies come coated with EDP (Electro Deposit Primer) inside and out.

Bodies are stock height and supplied with doors, door latches, trunklid, interior garnish moldings, windshield frame, and complete hardwood assemblies pre-installed.

Bodies are available in four configurations, including solid roof and cowl vent deleted.

Panels and components also available individually for those restoring an original five-window.

Woody's Hot Rodz
(855) 567-1957

Woody's Hot Rodz is proud to announce that the original "Hot One" is once again HOT! For generations the Tri-Five Chevy has helped shape the landscape of American car culture. These iconic cars have continued to be in the spotlight since they first rolled off the assembly lines in the 1950s. The Hot One is once again available as an all-new steel body that is assembled in the United States. The 1955 and 1957 bodies are now available in convertibles, hardtops, and sedans. For a complete and ready-to-go package, the entire body structure is offered fully assembled, welding completed, doors pre-hung and fitted, decklid pre-hung and fitted. Both 1955 and '57 hardtops, convertibles, and sedans are available through Woody's Hot Rodz. Bodies start at around $14,000, while complete "fenders-to-fins" packages are only $19,700 (includes body, doors, decklid, and complete front end). Woody's has also developed full roller packages that include either an Art Morrison chassis or their Gasser straight-axle chassis or their A-Arm Cruiser chassis.

Steve's Auto Restorations
(503) 665-2222

Steve's Auto Restorations (SAR) in Portland, Oregon, has announced that this will be their final run of the Real Steel 1934 roadster body. Quantities are limited! SAR offers a 1933-34 roadster and roadster pickup bodies. The bodies are built using die-stamped 18-gauge sheetmetal components that are assembled in precision fixtures by SAR's experienced craftsmen. Bodies are fully welded and feature full internal steel reinforcements, fit and hung doors featuring “bear jaw” latches and strikers, firewall, floor, hinged decklid, smooth cowl top, and stock-style door hinges. Both bodies are designed to fit a stock frame but will also fit many aftermarket frames as well. SAR offers a deluxe package, which includes a rolling chassis or they can build your roadster as a complete turnkey in their award-winning shop.

New Age Motorsports
(203) 268-1999

Fool all your friends at the cruise night with the unbelievable authenticity of a New Age Motorsports (NAM) fiberglass body.

With accurate original features like driprails, bead lines, and reveals, hot rodders at any experience level will think you're the proud owner of an original Deuce. Ruggedly built, these bodies will take chassis-twisting torque with ease, and can be trusted to last for generations.

Deuce roadster and coupe bodies come equipped with a 1-1/2-inch round tube internal structure to support hinges and latches for the life of the car. Poplar hardwood is used as a solid base for easy upholstery attachment. NAM offers no shortage of available bells and whistles to complement the body's substantial constructive qualities.

Their bodies are easily tailored to meet the styling demands of the most particular rodder, or to replicate the American Graffiti coupe to the greatest possible extent.

With a broad selection of factory and modern-day options available, the NAM body is by far the most detailed, solidly built, easily finished body on the market today.

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