Mach V

The Mach V is made in the United States from aircraft-grade forged alloy. Each wheel is custom built to exacting dimensions for a perfect fit, without compromise. They can be custom finished in numerous ways and colors (shown with optional ceramic matte black and polish contrasting surfaces).

Schott Wheels
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Brute Force

Ford Racing has taken its line of Boss Block–based crate engines to the max with the biggest small-block Windsor crate engine ever; the Z460 (PN M-6007-Z460FFT/FRT, front or rear sump) with 575 hp and 575 lb-ft of torque.

The foundation is the Ford Racing 9-1/2-inch deck Boss Block topped off with high port/high flow Ford Racing Z-Heads. To get to the 460ci displacement, the block is bored to 4.150 inches with a 4.25-inch stroke.

Premium components from the best aftermarket companies are used throughout the engine, like a SCAT forged steel crankshaft and forged H-beam connecting rods, forged Mahle pistons and Clevite bearings. And every Ford Racing Z460 engine is hand assembled in the United States with performance clearances.

No other Ford-based small-block can say that it has been developed from the ground up and tested by the people who know how to make a Ford run best—the Ford Racing engineers. The Z460 features a mix of the best OEM, Ford Racing, and aftermarket parts to deliver strong street performance at an outstanding value.

Go to to find a Ford Racing dealer and learn more about the full lineup of Ford Racing parts.

Ford Racing Performance Parts
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Cleveland Info

The Weiand X-CELerator single-plane intake manifold for 2V-headed Ford 351 Clevelands (PN 7516) has been re-tooled. That means the popular Ford intake is now even better looking and higher flowing than ever. A revised runner design smooths airflow while giving the intake an even better appearance. The Weiand 7516 is built to support engines with an operating rpm of 1,500-7,000 rpm with a square-bore carburetor.


Mount Up

Speedway's Universal Firewall Mount Pedal Assemblies (made in the United States) are engineered for simplicity, easy installation, and feature a bright zinc-plated finish to prevent corrosion.

Steel mounting brackets can be bolted or welded to your vehicle's flat firewall and provide support for your brake master cylinder, power booster, and clutch master cylinder (on clutch-and-brake models). The brake-only pedal assembly bracket is pre-drilled to accept either a manual master cylinder (with 3-1/4-inch bolt centers) or common four-bolt power booster (with 3-3/8- by 3-3/8-inch bolt pattern). The clutch-and-brake assembly bracket is pre-drilled for a manual brake master cylinder and a common clutch master cylinder with a 2-1/4-inch bolt center. Bronze bushings ensure smooth operation for the swinging pedal arms, which feature 6:1 pedal ratios and mounting tabs to simplify pedal pad installation (pedal pads sold separately).

Speedway Motors
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