ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System
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InTouch Net module is a powerful new accessory for the ISIS Power system. It becomes a gateway into the ISIS system for any smart device. You can now connect to and control your car's electrical from your iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Windows device, or selected head unit. As long as the device has Wi-Fi and a browser, you can use inTouch Net.

Through a local Wi-Fi connection, you can use your smart device as the touch-screen to control everything in the car. Turn on your lights, unlock your doors, roll down your windows, and start your engine right from your phone. Mount this smart device in your dash and you have the same touch-screen functionality as modern luxury cars.

InTouch Net is easily added to any ISIS Power system. All of the touch-screens are stored within the module so no custom applications are required on your device.

Coach Controls
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Coach Controls has been building high-quality wiring systems for the automotive racing industry for more than a decade and is now proud to bring a modern universal wiring kit to the street. The heart of their system is the Power Center, distributing power efficiently through 14 relays and 18 fuses to 23 circuits. That means more power to your system for easier starting, brighter headlights, and better-working power windows. Heavy-duty ignition and headlight switches are not required. Designed, built, and supported in the United States.

Kit includes Daytime Running Lights, Electronic Flasher for standard or LED signals, 40-amp fan relay, over 700 feet of wire, connectors, terminals, wire ties, heat shrink, plus a large full-color, two-sided wiring diagram laminated for protection. Free shipping for online orders, plus 24/7 online tech support.

Painless Performance Products
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Painless Performance Products is your one-stop source for high-performance electrical solutions. For over 24 years Painless has remained America's number one manufacturer of complete wiring harnesses, fuel-injection installation harnesses, and fully engineered electrical accessories.

From street rods to muscle cars and full race car applications, Painless chassis harnesses are easy to install with clearly labeled wire routing, highest quality TXL wire stock, and all the connectors and hardware needed for a professional quality job.

If you are installing one of the popular modern OEM fuel-injected engines in your car or truck, Painless makes the job almost plug-and-play with their line of fuel-injection harness kits. Available for Chevy small- and big-block engines, GM LS series engines, and Ford 5.0L small-block engines.

Southern Rods
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Southern Rods has designed a new large-capacity heat and A/C unit for full-size cars and trucks. The all-new Maxi V XL is big in every way. Extra capacity core and oversize VDO blower motor make for a unit that will heat or chill the largest vehicles. These new plug-and-play units measure out at 10-1/2 inches deep, 9-1/2 inches tall, and 28-1/2 inches wide. The price is $619 for the unit only, and $1,019 for a complete kit A to Z.