Sharp-Dressed Head

H&H Flatheads has acquired the rights and patterns to continue the legacy of Al Sharp. The Sharp 59A heads are in stock, along with 3x2 intakes, 2x2 intakes, fuel blocks, finned generator brackets, and foot gas pedals. H&H Flatheads plans to reintroduce many of the old intakes that have been out of production for over 20 years.

H&H Flatheads
(818) 248-2371

Struck Oil

PML introduces an aftermarket oil pan manufactured in the United States for the classic Buick Nailhead V-8 engine.

PML designed this pan with classic straight fins or ribs and uses the sand casting process to produce parts. The fins add an attractive custom look and the sand casting process gives a heavy-duty, high-quality part that will provide better heat dissipation. PML's heavy-duty sand castings have solid, wide walls for strength and durability and a thick gasket flange that will not bend when the bolts are tightened.

This oil pan preserves the classic feel of the old stamped steel stock cover while adding desirable features for today's engine builders. Available in natural cast and polish finishes. The natural cast pieces can be easily powdercoated or painted if desired.

PML also makes valve covers, valley covers, and spark plug wire covers for the Buick Nailhead V-8 engine.


Special IFS

Fatman now offers a kit that bolts in just as the original IFS did, preserving the track width and ride height, yet offering more ground clearance along with vastly improved handling, braking, and parts supply. Options such as conventional or coilover springs, air suspension, Wilwood brakes, and so on, allow you to tailor the style and stance to your own vision for the car.

Fatman Fabrications


Holley's Accessory Bracket Kits for GM LS engines has expanded to include the Sanden A/C compressors. Key features include: A/C bracket, accepts SD508 and SD7 Sanden-style compressors; universal brackets fit virtually all common LS engines, regardless of water pump and harmonic balancer; dedicated installation kits allow easy fitment to Corvette, F-body, or truck drive offsets; commonly available GM alternators; power steering pumps and A/C compressors; A/C brackets position the compressor high above the crossmember but below the hood line; and are ideal for crate engines, take out motors, and engine builders.

Holley Performance Products
(800) HOLLEY-1

Enhance Your Mopar

Visual Impact Performance Systems now offers a serpentine belt system for your small-block Mopar engine with a 100 percent U.S.-made serpentine drive system. Engineered for '70-88 Mopar 318, 340, and 360 blocks, each kit comes with an aluminum water pump, Tuff Stuff 100-amp polished aluminum alternator, and 507 polished aluminum compressor and steering pump. Brackets and pulleys are CNC precision machined from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum. The system is shipped with stainless steel hardware and a Dayco polycog serpentine belt (starting at $2,299.99). Similar kits are available for small- and big-block Ford and Chevy engines.

Visual Impact Performance Systems
(704) 278-3552

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