Fasten Anything

ARP has focused its attention on the installation and securing of driveline components. Perhaps the most welcomed is a set of 1/2-13 studs with a special rounded "nut starter" nose that serves to guide the transmission into place and align the input shaft with the clutch disc hub. The studs are also hex broached for ease of installation.

ARP has also introduced case bolts for Muncie four-speeds ('63-68 and '69-75), as well as bell housing bolt kits for '62 and later Mopar big-blocks and '65 and later small-block Fords. All are available in polished stainless steel or black oxide finished 8740 chromoly steel; both are nominally rated at 170,000-psi tensile strength, and substantially stronger than Grade 8. Additionally, there's a choice between hex and 12-point heads for the bolts or nuts. These fasteners are manufactured totally in-house (from forging to heat-treating, machining, and finishing) to stringent AS9100 and ISO-9001 quality-control standards.

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Behold the Beauty

Classic Instruments now offers the AutoCross series. Featuring a modern sport appearance, the gauges feature matte black, low step bezels with flat glass, and pool cue pointers. The design features clear, concise numerals and indices that are easy to read at any speed. The 200-mph speedometer and 10,000-rpm tachometer feature etched diffuser rings while the vertically oriented fuel, oil, temperature, and volt gauges feature "eyelids" with their respective ISO symbols. The tachometer features a built-in, extremely bright, red, shift indicator light. The AutoCross series is available in five- or six-gauge sets or individually with your choice of 3-3/8- or 4-5/8-inch speedometer and tachometer and 2-1/8-inch fuel, oil, temperature, and volt gauges. Auxiliary 2-1/8-inch oil temperature and transmission temperature and boost gauges are sold separately. Color selections include gray or yellow. All pre-packaged gauge sets include all necessary sending units and an external shift indicator light controller.

Classic Instruments
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K-Member That Never Lets You Down

Pete & Jake's have a fully adjustable K-member. You can weld it in, and when you need to upgrade that transmission or add an overdrive Pete & Jake's K-member will make it a snap.

Pete & Jake's Hot Rod Parts
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LS Swap

Classic Performance Products (CPP) has LS Engine Adaptor Bracket Kits. CPP adaptor kits allow the engine to move from 1/2 inch rearward (great for oil pan to crossmember clearance) up to 2-1/2 inches forward (for low-mounted accessories like an A/C compressor), allowing for a completely custom range of positions. CPP's no-weld brackets are CNC laser cut steel and feature a durable black powdercoat finish and include Polyplus engine mounts. Kits start at $129.

Classic Performance Products Inc.
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Aerolite Calipers

Wilwood designed as an upgrade replacement for the W4AR and W6AR caliper models, the Aerolite incorporates a five-bolt, triple bridge body design that delivers unmatched strength and clamping efficiency in a caliper of this class and size. Base model Aerolite calipers use the standard 0.650-inch/17mm thick W6 and W4 type 6617 pads and use the same mounting dimensions. A new, widebody model has been added to accommodate thicker type 6620 pads with 0.800-inch/20mm thickness for added endurance and wear capability in road racing, oval track, and all other types of extreme off-road competition. Radial mounting, optional piston choices, and the ability to work with rotors from 12.19 to 15.00 inches in diameter, give the Aerolite caliper series the versatility necessary to suit a broad range of performance driving and competition applications.

Wilwood Engineering
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