Classic Hollywood

Classic Instruments offers an exclusive line of instrumentation designed specifically for Hollywood Hot Rods.

The Hollywood Hot Rods series features a nostalgic, distinguished appearance characterized by a black face on a spun metal dial. Concise numerals and indices show the detail of the spun metal while gold accent rings and the Hollywood Hot Rods crown logo ensure a look of elegance. Finished with an orange Speedster pointer with a spun metal hub and white tip, a stainless low step bezel, and curved glass this set is sure to provide a look of refined tradition. The Hollywood Hot Rods series of gauges from Classic Instruments feature a 3-3/8-inch speedometer and tachometer and 2-1/8-inch fuel, oil, temperature, and volt gauges. They are available individually or in five- or six-gauge sets that include all necessary sending units.

Classic Instruments
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Loads of Punch

Compared to similarly sized machines, the Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Dynasty 280 and Maxstar 280 TIG welders deliver more power and provide the ability to weld metal up to 3/8-inch thick all the while being significantly lighter, more portable, and use less energy than machines of similar output capabilities. The AC/DC TIG/Stick-capable Dynasty 280 is intended for industrial manufacturing applications and heavy fabrication, while the DC TIG/Stick-capable Maxstar 280 is intended for industrial applications, construction, and heavy fabrication.

Weighing in at just 52 and 47 pounds, the Dynasty 280 and Maxstar 280 deliver up to 280 amps of output power along with a smooth, stable arc to handle any job from small to large. The Dynasty 280 DX model also includes additional adjustments for AC balance, waveforms, and frequency for precise arc tailoring on aluminum welds.

On all models, exclusive Pro-Set technology eliminates guesswork by providing preset welding parameters. In addition, welding operators will experience ease-of-use through the control panel's LED illuminated standby/power switch, which clearly indicates whether the machine is unplugged or turned off at its main switch, turned on but in standby mode, or energized and ready to weld.

Designed for upgrade flexibility, a memory card port is included on all models, allowing additional software to be downloaded and product features to be purchased from The memory card port allows for quick upgrades when software is released and helps owners maximize their budgets, purchasing only the features they need.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

Fueling the Passion

OTB Gear offers a fuel filter (made in the United States) that is functional and offers show-quality looks.

Features include a permanent washable stainless mesh filter that should last a lifetime, and a very compact size. The bowl is only 2.4 inches in diameter, and the entire unit has a total height and width of just 4-1/4 inches. The complete filter projects from its mounting surface of 3 inches. The inlet and outlet ports utilize ORB/AN-6 fittings that reduce the bulk of traditional hose connections drilled for 5/16-inch mounting hardware.

Available in three styles, finned (shown), smooth, and grooved, these filters are also offered in polished and satin finishes. Mounting hardware is not included.

OTB Gear
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On Fire

Rocket Racing Wheels' newest is the Rocket Fire (shown in gray/machined finish with optional polished lug cover and polished Rocket Vintage three-bar knockoff). Taking its styling cues from the original Indy roadster wheels, it features the same classic ribbed design front and smooth on reverse side. The Rocket Fire is constructed of A356 aluminum and re-creating the appearance of a six-pin pressure plate and knockoff attachment but with the safety and security of a five-lug bolt on.

The Rocket Fire will be available in 16x5 in multiple finishes: gray painted center with machined rib and outer and full as-cast finish. Their exclusive, custom RPM7 powdercoat can also be applied to reproduce the classic, magnesium DOW7 finish of the '60s. The 16x5 size is versatile, as it fits most all 16-inch-diameter vintage tire sizes. The Rocket Fire will be available in 5x4.50, 5x4.75, and 5x5.50 bolt patterns.

Rocket Racing Wheels
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The Great Firewall

Wilwood Engineering offers a billet aluminum master cylinder firewall mounting kit (PN 250-13167). This mounting kit is specifically designed to work in conjunction with Wilwood's forward mount brake and clutch pedal assembly and flange-mounted compact remote master cylinders.

The kit allows precision mounting of the pedal and master cylinders to the firewall and leaves the engine compartment with a high-tech pro-finish look. The mounting plates recess the master cylinder mounting surface by 0.25 inch, which allows more clearance in the engine compartment.  Both the engine compartment faceplate and interior side mounting plate are media burnished billet aluminum. The kit is designed to accept a firewall material thickness range of 0.040 to 0.080 inch, and requires a minimum flat area the size of the 4x8-inch faceplate. Also provided is all mounting hardware, including attractive, corrosion-resistant stainless steel 12-point fasteners, and detailed installation instructions.

Wilwood Engineering
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Beehive Lights

Watson's StreetWorks now offers beehive LED lights in two sizes, the large Beehive and a smaller Baby Beehive. Measuring under 2-1/4 inches in diameter at the billet base, and just 2-1/8 inches tall, these lights will fit anywhere. Both sizes are available in red or amber. The billet aluminum base has a brushed finish, which can be polished. Each set comes with dual intensity wiring, letting you use a single light for both running lights and turn or brake indicators.

Watson's StreetWorks
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