19. This is the Output Shaft Speed Sensor (Vehicle Speed Sensor, or VSS) it plugs into the hole in the transmission’s tailshaft housing.

20. For transmission with an Output Shaft Speed Sensor, PCS has added a “Y” to the wiring harness, which allows the Simple Shift harness to plug directly into the transmission and still leave an access plug for aftermarket speedometers or factory connectors of some kind that need a VSS signal.

21. Also available from PCS is the TCM-2000. It provides two distinctly different transmission operating modes (sport mode, tow-haul mode, and so on).

22. A better choice for Coyote engine swaps is Energy Suspension’s engine and transmission mount kit 4.1130 intended for 4.6L Mustangs.

23. Powermaster offers their PN 9532 XS Torque gear reduction starter for Ford 4.6 mod motors—it also fits the Coyote.

24. A unique feature of the Powermaster starter is the detachable mount—it allows the starter to be rotated for increased clearance.

25. Ford’s headers tuck in fairly close to the block, but are quite wide at the outlets, which may interfere with many early chassis.

26. On the right side the story is pretty much the same, the outlets are in a bad position for many early cars. However starter clearance is more than adequate.

27. One of the advantages of the Ford headers is the proper placement of the dual oxygen sensors.

28. Another Coyote exhaust option from FRPP: cast-iron truck manifolds.

29. The eight-bolt crank flange is the same as modular motors so flexplates and flywheels are interchangeable. Basically anything that bolts to a modular motor will fit but keep in mind these engines are stout and will require a gearbox that can stand up to the power.

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