Installation of the TCM-2000 is similar to the Simple Shift, the TCU is mounted and the wiring harnesses are connected. Next, a PC is used to start the TCU software, it will auto-detect the presence of the transmission controller and the current operating parameters of the TCU will appear on the screen. At that point the transmission's functions can be tailored to its intended use. Detailed instructions on tuning the TCU will be found in the user's manual.

Coyote Installation Tips

Although the Coyote is light, it's not compact. Only slightly smaller than a Chrysler Hemi, the Coyote measures 26 inches long, 27 inches high, and 28 inches wide.

In most cases the oil filter will interfere with the steering and the factory headers or cast-iron manifolds may be problematic. The good news is the aftermarket is responding and tight-tuck headers are available from a number of sources.

Another issue with the Coyote is mounting engine-driven accessories. Ford used electric/hydraulic power steering and as a result there isn't a provision for a belt-driven pump and the stock alternator location will often interfere with steering shafts and in some cases framerails. There are several front-drive systems available, however most leave the alternator in the stock position.

Installing a Coyote in an early car has its share of challenges, but then the results will certainly be worth the effort. Besides, if it were too easy, everyone would do it.

13. The FRPP computer retains all the factory engine functions, including variable cam timing, however it won’t run an electronic transmission. As a result these computers are said to be for manual transmission applications.

14. Included in the control pack package is this power distribution module. It runs the cooling fan, fuel pump, A/C, and in some applications an intercooler pump and push-button starting.

15. It may look like a bundle of snakes, but FRPP’s wiring harness is plug-and-play.

16. The solution to using an electronically controlled transmission with a Coyote (or any other engine) is with a controller from Powertrain Control Solutions. This is the Simple Shift version.

17. While this bundle of wires may be intimidating, the factory-style plugs and clearly marked wires make installation of the PCS controller quick and easy.

18. The Simple Shift allows transmission shift points and firmness to be adjusted by dials on the end of the control unit. Diagnostic capabilities are communicated by flashing LEDs that also indicate what gear the transmission is in, and whether or not the torque converter is locked.