6. The Model A door after trimming to install the latch panel and allow access to connect the linkage.

7. The mounting plate is tacked in place and the fit checked before being welded solid.

8. With the mount tacked in place a test-fit of the latch was made.

9. The square shank of the Model A exterior handle fits into the Carolina custom latch (it will be mounted inside the door).

10. This is the bellcrank that mounts below the window channel; it can be used to change direction of the actuating lever, or mounted on the same side, making the motion of both rods the same.

11. If necessary the rods can be bent to fit around obstructions such as window channel brackets.

12. Here the rods are secured to the bellcrank with the included clips. Note both rods are on the same side of the bellcrank.

13. With the latch installed the vertical link connects to the bellcrank, the horizontal link would be used to connect to an inside handle.

14. Note the rod on the left, it connects the outside handle to the bellcrank below the glass channel, the rod on the right connects the bellcrank to the latch release lever.

15. This is the EZ door handle kit. It can be used to mount a handle inside the car.

16. The EZ handle kit can be ordered to accept a square shank Ford/Mopar handle of the splined GM style.

17. Another option for the Model A application is using a modified original interior handle.

18. Two holes were drilled in the original handle to allow it to bolt to the latch release.

19. This is the outside handle on our '50 Plymouth, it's typical of Mopars of the era.

20. Mopars used a notoriously failure-prone door latch with a roller on the outside of the door.

21. Here is the same latch from the inside. It has lots of moving parts and springs and is difficult to repair.

22. On many Mopars a bear jaw latch can be installed on the outside of the doorframe with only minor modifications to the latch pillar.

23. The stock Mopar handle fits into the Carolina Customs latch actuator.

24. Carolina Custom's actuator is held to the inside of the door with the original screws that retain the outside handle.

25. All that's left to do is connect the bellcrank mounted below the window channel to the handle and the latch with the supplied rods.

Carolina Custom Hot Rod Parts