The series was titled "Hot Rod Girl," and the track T pictured here is the Total Performance King T built within the pages of STREET RODDER by Candy Rizzo, wife of Jim Rizzo, STREET RODDER's tech editor at the time. After Candy completed the car it was relegated to outdoor parking to make room in the garage for new projects. Sitting outside in the elements for six years didn't hurt the King T's mechanicals, but it did take its toll on the cosmetics.

Two months after I bought Candy's King T I decided I'd prep it for a cross-country road trip to Hell, Michigan, so it could earn the title "Hot Rod to Hell"'s one of those bucket list things. I wanted the little T roadster to look as best it could, but I didn't want to pour a fortune into it. On top of that I knew the cosmetics were going to take a beating again, so I wanted to facilitate making the repairs as easy as possible. The solution was to completely restore the car using Eastwood spray paints and be able to touch it up in a jiff.

Eastwood Tech Tip:
Wrenching in the winter months is cold in the north. Use nitrile gloves when working. It's just enough insulation that the tools and parts aren't that bad.

1. California legal, Eastwood 2K Aero-Spray is a true two-part catalyzed German-made urethane with tiny ceramic nano particles. Placing 2K Aero-Spray in your home freezer will extend pot life from 24 hours to two weeks.

2. Same as a professional spray gun the nozzle on 2K Aero-Spray cans is adjustable. I used a wide vertical fan to spray Epoxy primer on the T’s entire body.

3. Eastwood Chassis Kleen, and Eastwood PRE were used to de-grease the engine, transmission, and chassis. Using compressed air perfects the drying process.

4. With the engine masked off, Eastwood Silver Argent restored the TH350 to its original aluminum goodness.

5. Here’s the before shot of the engine. Note the dingy appearance of the oxidized aluminum, rusted iron, and steel parts. Also the crummy-looking steering box, and frame.

6. No grinding just 2K Aero-Spray epoxy primer, followed with wet-sanding smoothed the rough cast-iron block for that Art Chrisman-like look.

7. Eastwood Detail Gray on the intake manifold and VHT Chevy Orange cleared with Eastwood 2K Aero-Spray high-gloss clear.

8. Eastwood silver Carb Renew II on the Holley carb. Silver Argent in the valve cover, fins, and firewall. Speedway stainless steel shotgun headers and Coker Excelsior radials on Rocket Racing Igniters.

9. I added Speedway AFCO shocks to boost the friction shocks and then painted the suspension without removing it with gloss black 2K Aero-Spray chassis paint.

10. Eastwood High Build Self-Etching primer smells great, like acrylic lacquer without having to clean a spray gun afterward.

11. Visqueen protected the engine and trans from overspray. The self-etching gray primer smoothed the front axle hiding the roughness from sight.

12. Eastwood radiator black on the rad. Gloss Black 2K Aero-Spray chassis paint on the suspension and frame cannot be distinguished from powder paint. Detail gray on the radius rods and shock arms.

13. For the body it took five cans of gray 2K Epoxy primer to lay a heavy coat on thick enough to block-sand out the waves.

14. I painted everything in my garage except for the body. Rat Rod black is available in 2K Aero-Spray, but I used 2K Aero-Spray semi-gloss black chassis paint.

15. A total of 32 spray cans later at the Donut Derelicts in Huntington Beach, CA.

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