'32 Ford five–Window Available

Ford Component Sales now offers a '32 Ford five-window coupe body as its latest officially licensed product offered by Ford Component Sales and its licensee, United Pacific Industries.

The '32 Ford five-window coupe body shell, which premiered at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, is stamped from new metal and welded and assembled with state-of-the-art fixtures to maintain dimensional integrity. The finished body receives a rust-preventative coating for additional protection.

Each approved part comes with a blue-and-white sticker with the Ford logo stating it is an officially licensed restoration part. That means fit, function, and appearance is as authentic as the original.

Ford Restoration Parts

Something New And Old

Two-inch Riley side-draft carburetors that are brand-new reproductions (stamped and numbered) are available from Zakira's Garage. These exact replicas of the original Riley carburetors are aluminum bodies with brass components that were available in the '30s-50s.

All of the components are compatible and interchangeable with original 2-inch Riley carburetors. (There are also rebuild kits for original bodies with missing components.)

These reproduction carbs can be run on either gasoline or alcohol for the vintage racer. The insert-style venturi allows these carbs to be set for any engine displacement. A single 2-inch Riley can be tuned for a range of 100 ci to 160-inch motors while two carbs cover 200-320 ci, and three carbs are required for larger displacements.

These USA-made cars sell for $1,700 each and can be delivered within three to four weeks.

Zakira's Garage
(513) 272-2229

Coupe Roll Pan

Pete & Jake's now offers '33-34 roll pans for coupes. Jim "Jake" Jacobs first created this piece on "Jake's Coupe" in 1974. Made of heavy sheetmetal, rolled, formed and welded to fit precisely, and louvered just like the original, this quality piece is mounted with screws and ready for primer.

Pete & Jake's
(800) 334-7240