Dynotech, formally known as Balance Engineering, built the custom driveshaft connecting the Hughes transmission to the Roadster Shop IRS centersection in the Road Tour '59. Dynotech Engineering Services specializes in manufacturing custom-made driveshafts that are hand assembled, computer welded, and high-speed balanced, and what's really cool is they are as close to you as the nearest telephone. Supply Dynotech with the necessary information and incredibly in most cases a driveshaft will be shipped within 72 hours—sometimes less.

Dynotech's driveshafts are guaranteed vibration-free, and they stand by their work 100 percent. All of their driveshafts are assembled by hand while using modern technologies, such as computer welding and high-speed balancing. As a result Dynotech's driveshafts are held to remarkably close tolerances.


Dynotech offers driveshafts in steel, aluminum, composite, and hybrid materials:

Steel: These driveshafts come in three versions: OEM replacements; seamless, drawn-over mandrel tubing for high performance and racing use; and chromoly. Chromoly shafts are for serious racing applications, with increased torsional strength designed to resist well over 2,000 hp. But while they are super strong, a chromoly shaft is significantly heavier than an aluminum shaft of the same size.

Aluminum: These 6061-T6 aluminum shafts are for performance, street, racing, and stock replacement applications. They are lightweight and come in 3-, 3.5-, and 4-inch diameters with 0.125-inch wall thickness. Yokes accommodate 1310-, 1330-, and 1350-series U-joints. Dynotech's aluminum driveshafts can comfortably take up to 1,000 hp and around 900 lb-ft of torque. For 99 percent of performance and race cars out there, the weight savings and high horsepower rating of an aluminum driveshaft would be enough.

Carbon Fiber: Intended for extreme high-performance and racing applications, these shafts are strong, resistant to flex, and they are expensive. They are available in 3.5- and 4-inch diameters with steel or aluminum yokes for series 1310, 1330, 1350 and 1410 U-joints

Hybrid: Carbon-fiber wrapped aluminum driveshafts are for high-performance racing applications. These shafts carry the highest rpm rating and come in 2.75-, 3-, and 3.5-inch diameters with 0.125-inch wall thickness. Yokes for 1330 and 1350 U-joints are available.

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15. For applications that require them (like a stock '59 Chevy) Dynotech offers two-piece driveshafts.

16. The first step to driveshaft construction is cutting the tubing to length.

17. Next the cut ends are made perfectly square in a lathe.

18. The yokes are pressed into the tube while overall length is checked.

19. After the yokes are pressed in place overall length is checked again. All driveshafts are built to within 1/16 inch (0.0625-inch) in length.

20. Dynotech assembles all of its driveshafts by hand while using modern technologies, such as computer welding and high-speed balancing. As a result Dynotech's driveshafts are held to remarkably close tolerances.

21. As the driveshaft turns 360 degrees the automated welder runs a continuous bead.

22. After assembly and welding all driveshafts are checked for runout then high speed balanced between 5,000 and 8,000 rpm to less than 0.20 ounce/inch.

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