There's a crazy new customizing trend that just came to town and it's called patina. Just kidding, non-facetiously patina is an old customizing trend that's been around since rust and oxidation attacked the first automobile. The problem with patina is with time it continues to rust and oxidize until it doesn't look good anymore. It wasn't until the folks at Eastwood addressed the problem of preserving patina that there's been a satisfactory solution. Preserving patina is one of those things that everyone seems to have a home remedy for. The most common is applying boiled linseed oil on the desired areas. It's true, linseed oil does a decent job, but it's at the cost of looking like you used that greasy kid's stuff on your car. Just image a pretty girl at the beach with gobbed-on greasy white zinc sunscreen all over her body and you'll get the picture. Eastwood patina preserver doesn't obscure the view of what's underneath. It enhances what's there with an ever-so-slight UV protected sheen and lasts up to one year before another application is needed.

Eastwood Tech Tip:
When using any type of penetrant to free stubborn bolts and nuts, spray the fastener with your choice of product and strike the fastener with a ball peen hammer or punch to set up a vibration for the penetrant to begin the wicking process.

1. The first step was to hose off dust and dirt from the items I was going to treat with Eastwood Patina Preserver. Using a washcloth or sponge, be careful not to scrub streaks into the oxidized surface.

2. Using compressed air to blow the surface dry instead of a towel ensured the oxidation would not be disturbed and leave unsightly streaks. With the sign’s surface completely dried I sprayed on Eastwood Patina Preserver. Don’t worry about runs, Eastwood Patina Preserver soaks in evenly.

3. There it is, one year’s worth of UV and corrosion protection on my Neighborhood Watch sign.

4. Eastwood Patina Preserver enhanced my blue Rambo First Blood LTD II Police Interceptor’s appearance without greasiness.

5. Eastwood Patina Preserver works great to protect aluminum tags and copper, or brass emblems.

6. If my dad was still alive he’d kill me if he saw what I let happen to the 1936 Hein-Werner floor jack he bought in 1958. Thanks to Eastwood Patina Preserver some of my guilt will be gone.

7. Notice how applying Eastwood Patina Preserver miraculously restores its original Hein-Werner orange color. This old floor jack is going to look great holding a potted cactus.

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