HOKPG Series

With thousands of Kolor choices in the House of Kolor's Shimrin2 Line, the process of finding that right Kolor can be a monumental task. With their new easy-to-use Kustom Kolor Trends Pocket Guide (HOKPG01) you can bring the Kolor to your projects prior to painting. HOKPG01 are handy, compact fan decks that contain 312 out-of-this-world Shimrin2 Kolors. HOKPG01 also serves as a great reference for any painter, especially when trying to hit that perfect kolor for yourself or your clients. Unlike other fan decks on the market, House of Kolor uses actual Shimrin2 paint for each of the swatches to accurately depict the applied finish. Look for the new additions to this fan deck system HOKPG02 (Kandy Base Coats) and HOKPG03 (True Kandies) coming soon!

House of Kolor
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VP2050 DTM High Build Primer

VP2050 is the new two-component, direct-to-metal primer from PPG's Vibrance Collection custom color line. This gray, 2.1 VOC primer offers high build properties and excellent adhesion over bare metal, with outstanding corrosion resistance. With its excellent fill properties and resistance to sagging, this fast-drying, easy-to-sand primer is ideal for custom and restoration work.

  • Offers high build properties
  • Excellent adhesion to bare metal
  • Strong corrosion resistance
  • Outstanding sag resistance and fill properties
  • Easy sanding
  • Compliant for all markets, depending on reducer choice

PPG Automotive Refinish
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Formulated Refinishing and Repair Products for Exact OEM Color Match

AutomotiveTouchup.com has everything needed for great automotive refinishing results for both do-it-yourselfers and professionals. AutomotiveTouchup uses the most comprehensive library of OEM colors in the industry to ensure an exact color match. Products are direct shipped to provide the highest quality products at the lowest cost possible.

AutomotiveTouchup paint systems are formulated for ease of use, paint flow, and dry times. The full line of products includes urethane and acrylic lacquer primers, ready-to-spray urethane basecoat colors, and urethane and acrylic clearcoats. Products are available in pints, quarts, and gallons and also in 12-ounce aerosol cans.

AutomotiveTouchup is a complete resource for everything needed for automotive refinishing and restoration, including body repair products and painting tools, including HVLP spray guns and respirators.

A user-friendly online color selector makes ordering easy, using the car's year, make, model, and paint code or color name for accurate selection.

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Wanda Color Retrieval System

Precise color selection is easy with Wanda's advanced color retrieval system: ColorPro. Specially developed for jobber stores and body shops, ColorPro easily identifies accurate formulations and key information for a wide spectrum of standard and variant colors. Built-in tinting guides and color documentation references are all at your fingertips! With it, you not only have the right color, but also a number of tools that make your daily routine much more practical. New colors are developed as they are introduced by carmakers, then updated via the Internet.

Wanda Paint

Wanda Waterbase System

Built on the Wanda brand's commitment to simplicity, color, and value, the Wanda Waterbase basecoat system is a streamlined, affordable, and easy-to-use VOC-compliant option. The system virtually eliminates the complexities associated with many "green" systems to help make compliance easier, but without compromising performance! Ideal for small repairs or total re-sprays, the versatile Wanda Waterbase basecoat system delivers fantastic value, and "right-the-first-time" color match with these easy-to-use products. Wanda Waterbase Basecoat: Provides great coverage, easy application, accurate color match, blendability, and a consistently smooth, uniform finish. Wanda Low VOC Primer/Sealer: As a primer it offers great color holdout, filling and sanding properties, and very good adhesion to substrates. When used as a wet-on-wet non-sanding sealer, it offers a uniform surface for topcoat. Wanda Low VOC Clear: A fast-drying clearcoat offering excellent appearance, durability, and gloss retention.

Wanda Paint

Wanda Automotive Finishes

Wanda brand's simplicity, color, and value proposition continues to "wow" body shops with "right-the-first-time" performance every time. Wanda is a compact refinish system offering a full range of color and ancillary products. A simplified approach to mixing ratios, excellent color-match capability, and segment-leading color documentation makes the system easy to use and an incredible value! Wandabase HS basecoat provides quick drying, strong hiding power, and a smooth, uniform finish with accurate color match. Wanda PU 2K HS Topcoat single-stage topcoat offers high gloss, good opacity, appearance, and color match. Wanda 8100 2K Primer is a high-build primer filler with great adhesion, drying time, sanding properties, and durability. Wanda Plastic Primer is a universal, one-pack product that promotes adhesion on most automotive plastic substrates. Wanda Sealer is a wet-on-wet, non-sanding sealer with excellent leveling, opacity, and topcoat appearance. Wanda 8100 Clearcoat is fast drying with exceptional application, appearance, durability, and gloss retention.

Wanda Paint