Parts List

Tailpan, PN 298
This fits all '57-58 Fords (except wagons, retractables, and Rancheros). It goes below the trunklid and between the taillights and includes the weatherstrip channel.

Upper Striker Cap Reinforcement, PN 304
Welded to the tailpan to provide strength to the striker area of the tailpan, it also holds the license plate light. Hard to salvage so EMS made a new one. It fits 300, Custom 300, and 500 series, except wagons, retractables, and Rancheros.

Trunk Floor Brace, PN 329
This fits behind the rear wheeltubs on the far left and right side of the trunk floor. Die-stamped from 16-gauge steel it fits both '57 and '58 Custom, Custom 300, and 500 series.

Lower Front Quarter-Panel, PN 186 (specify left or right)
These lower front quarter-panels fit '57 and '58 Ford 500s. They extend from the rear door post to the center of the rear wheel opening, include all the steps into the rear door post area, and roll under the body to the original weld seam. At the top they are flanged to slide under the existing upper panels. Custom and Custom 300 series use PN 179.

Lower Rear
 Quarter-Panel, PN 185 (specify left or right)
Extending from the center of the wheel opening to the original seam below the taillight, these panels roll under the body to the factory weld seam and are stepped to fit under the upper portion of the quarter-panel. These panels fit all 500s (retractables need minor modification; call the factory for details). Custom and Custom 300 use PN 178.

Inner Rear Quarter-Panel, PN 190 and 192 (specify left or right)
These fit behind the outer rear quarter-panel and extend from the wheeltub to the taillight panel on 500 series '57 and '58 Fords. The inner panels attach to the bottom edge of the rear quarter-panel and the trunk floor. These rear inner quarters are stamped from heavy 18-gauge steel and include the properly formed strengthening ribs for durability. For 300 and Custom 300 series, PNs 190 and 192 are used.

The replacement quarter-panels were held in place to mark the body for cutting.

To accommodate the width of the flanges, the cut lines were moved down the width of the step in the replacement panels. The sections to be removed were then severed with a cut-off wheel.

Previous repairs had been made to rust in the left quarter-panel by laying a patch over the top of the rotted section and then covering the backside with undercoating. Not the textbook method.

New inner quarter-panels were installed. They connect the outer quarter-panels to the trunk floor. All the joints subjected to weather were given a liberal dose of Eastwood's seam sealer.

Eastwood's seam sealer cures quickly, can be painted, and will prevent moisture from finding its way inside the body.

Brazille slips the EMS rear quarter-panel in place—the flange at the top slips behind the original upper portion. Thanks to the stiffness of both pieces alignment is automatic.

Here the flange on the EMS replacement panel can be seen.

With the panel slipped up into place there is a perfect gap for welding.

Welding began with widely spaced tacks. Brazille skipped around the panels to prevent warping the quarters.

Once the welding was completed the beads were ground flat. Again, Brazille worked slowly to prevent any distortion.

Brazille applied a thin coat of filler to the weld joint and the surrounding area.

Once the filler is set the quarter-panels were block-sanded perfectly smooth.

The repaired areas were coated with primer surfacer and blocked repeatedly. With the rest of the bodywork completed the entire car was given the same treatment.

Here's the '57, repaired, repainted, and ready for more roadwork.

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