Power to the Pump

Aeromotive offers a 325 Stealth Fuel Pump (PN 11165), the newest to the Stealth Fuel System lineup. The 325 is similar to the popular and proven 340 Stealth Pumps, but features a new compact body design and it's still a high-output, in-tank fuel pump with an internal material makeup similar to the 340s allowing Aeromotive to stand behind its durability and performance.

What sets the 325 Stealth Pump apart is its superior flow throughout a wide pressure range. Compared to other aftermarket pumps, the 325 offers a significant increase in performance, rated at 325 lph at 40 psi.

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LS Power to the Controller

Painless Performance Products now has the solution with the LS Gauge Controller that offers a convenient way to connect a set of aftermarket gauges to monitor the new driveline's parameters.

The compact LS Gauge Controller plugs into the OEM OBD-II connector and is supplied with another matching connector. This unique feature means there is still access to the OBD-II port for other connections or troubleshooting the EFI system without disconnecting your gauges.

Once connected, the Gauge Controller receives information from the factory engine sensors and converts the data into five different output signals for your aftermarket gauges, including vehicle speed, rpm, coolant temperature, oil pressure, and fuel level (when used with a factory sending unit).

It converts the factory EFI data into five different output signals for corresponding aftermarket gauges, including coolant temperature, tachometer, speedometer, oil pressure, and fuel level (factory sending unit only).

Connects to the OBD-II outlet of the LS control harness to access engine parameters through the EFI's Controller Area Network (CAN).

Plus it saves time, wiring, and money by sharing data rather than duplicating sensors on the engine.

Compatible with all GM gas drivetrains using the factory-style ECU. (Data available may vary, depending).

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Billet Aluminum EFI-2G

Autotrend EFI has captured the style and look of the Rochester 2G Tri-Power carburetor setup with their new EFI-2G. CNC billet aluminum construction of the EFI-2G has a unique four-piece design and contains a stainless steel throttle shaft with roller bearings and internal clock spring.

Each unit has its own adjustable internal clock spring, ensuring positive throttle return and eliminating the need for external return spring. Each unit incorporates positive stop idle set adjustment and wide-open throttle stop. Stainless steel shafts ride on precision roller bearings for extremely smooth throttle action and consistent throttle return.

Flow data: EFI 2G was flow tested on a SuperFlow SF-600 flow bench at 28 inches of water and when compared to a stock Rochester 2G here are the results: stock Rochester 2G: 278 cfm; Autotrend EFI 2G: 350 cfm.

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